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Pickands Mather gets your product from source to factory

Pickands Mather’s services are specifically designed to help producers and consumers of raw materials move their product throughout the Great Lakes and Inland River systems with cost savings, speed, and high-quality support. Each time your product is moved, our onsite inspectors ensure your product is accurately managed and moved on the timelines you need to keep your business going. 

Pickands Mather provides services throughout the Great Lakes and Inland River Systems


Multi-Modal Transportation


Supply Chain


We ensure our clients get the best economics possible to move their raw materials from source to factory. Working across truck, rail, barge, and vessel modes of transportation, our experts create a logistics path right for your business.

Building a supply chain today is more about strategy and analyzing data than ever before. Pickands Mather combines decades of experience in the region with real-time data from our systems to make recommendations that drive productivity and revenue.

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3PL Services

Flags flying at a US and Canadian border

Customs Processing

Integrating our experience and relationships to move and store your raw materials. We leverage technology to give you the real-time status of your stockpiles and their associated quality down to a shipment level. Our onsite team inspects your shipments at each step to ensure compliance.

Pickands Mather helps consumers and producers of bulk raw materials to get products in and out of the United States and Canada worry-free. We digitize every record and associate it on the shipment in relation to your material and transportation contracts for fast resolution of issues, if they arise.


Sales and Purchasing

AND MORE . . .  

our decades of experience allow us to stretch to meet your needs.

We have a legacy managing mineral rights throughout North America. Our creative sourcing and sales solutions for coke, coal, gypsum, limestone, iron ore, and other bulk products ensure expectations are exceeded.


Our clients tell us that they work with us because we deliver: 





Discover how our services will transform your supply chain

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